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The Street Will Never Be The Same Again

Wednesday,21 Dec 2016

"Once in a generation…

A motorcycle comes along that changes everything…

...that sets a new benchmark in power, weight, handling, looks…

...and completely tears up the rule book.

The Street will never be the same again.”

Since launching in 2007 the Street Triple has gone on to be recognised as a true modern classic. Undergoing various revisions over the last decade, the 2017 Street Triple promises to be the most radical reinvention of this modern masterpiece ever seen.

With both the new Street Triple and awesome new Bonneville Bobber 2017 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years yet for Triumph motorcycle lovers.

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You can see the unveiling Live by streaming from Triumph on January 10th

Lings Norfolk Triumph
The Triple Building
High Street
Watton IP25 6AH
01953 881285
Lings Suffolk Triumph
Bonneville Corner
Bixley Drive
Ipswich IP4 5TH
01473 237357

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