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Thursday,29 Sep 2016

Lings Honda Lowestoft Manager Ben Thompson (left, top row) & other Honda dealers meet Jenson Button (centre, front row)

Ben was one of the fortunate 14 who qualified for a trip of a lifetime to the Italian Grand Prix, in our recent ‘Road to Monza’ incentive. Back at his desk after a whirlwind weekend, we caught up with him to get the lowdown on his enviable prize: "Simply brilliant. A weekend to remember and a great reward from Honda.” said Ben.

He continued, "We spent over an hour in the pits, and got the chance to get up close and personal with the cars. We saw the drivers come out. ITV were there, with David Coulthard, Eddie Jordan and Jackie Stewart. We even had a team photo with Jenson Button, our host on the Saturday evening. We were very, very well looked after!”

The two-day F1 experience was the result of two months of hard work from Ben and his team, whose Civic registrations in June and July earned him a place on the trip. Describing his sales performance as a genuine team effort, Ben explained: "I’ve got a team of four around me and it’s actually down to those guys and girls who put all of the hard work in; they’re the people selling the Honda Civics.”

Crediting his team wholeheartedly, Ben said, "Winning the trip means an awful lot, both to me personally and to the team. and I’ve got my whole team to thank!”

Telling us he’d just treated his team to lunchtime pizzas in a nod to his Italian excursion, Ben showed that he was already putting his money where his mouth is. Clearly a great motivator, we asked him whether that was part of the secret to a winning sales performance. "I’m 100% passionate about the brand and the company, and the cluture of Lings is to instill that into our Sales Execs; help them, guide them and develop them as people.

With the hours we put in, we spend a lot of time together and that’s what makes a difference. Yes it is a numbers game but we get there as a team. I’m not a Sales Manager who sits with the office door shut”. And with that, we left Ben and his team to enjoy their pizzas and share memories of an unforgettable – and well deserved – weekend.

The Honda Civic is available now at Lings Honda Lowestoft. Speak to Ben or a member of his team today on 01502 537444 or visit

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