Triumph Mens Base Layer Top


A range of high performance riding garments have been developed to react to your riding condition.

Base layers and a performance jacket are available to wear with your motorcycle riding products.

With the base layers we have combined Merino wool with ThermoCool technology.

Base layers are designed to move perspiration away from the body, otherwise known as wicking.

Man-made fibres, like polyester, are only able to absorb 5% of its weight in moisture.

Merino, which is a natural fibre, can absorb around 30% of its weight in moisture which means more moisture is moved away from the body quicker.

The other advantage to using Merino is that it reduces odour.

Bacteria, which causes you to smell, finds it easy to cling to synthetic materials whereas the natural characteristics of Merino means that bacteria finds itmuch more difficult to develop and so less odour.

Merino also regulates temperature so it keeps you cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool. It is also breathable so when you are performing then so is your clothing.

Combined with Merino, ThermoºCool™ is the ultimate high performance material for moisture management, which thanks to its unique fiber mix, provides adaptive smart dual function - evaporative cooling and thermo buffering.

ThermoºCool, is a step forward in functionality based on a new overall understanding of how the body acts before, during and after exercise activity, helping to provide maximum comfort at each stage.

So, when you are in high activity and sweating, ThermoºCool will keep you cool and dry, but at the moment you stop and your body temperature decreases, you will have thermobuffering properties avoiding the post chill effect.

50% Merino 50% Thermo Cool knitted top Body mapped with knitted mesh underarms and heavier ribbed collar, cuff and hem Long line with thumb holes